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Ever been ramp checked in the USA? Several members of our group have, over the years, expressed concern about ramp checks by the authorities. In fact, they avoid going to fly-in events with their gyros because they are worried about having to go though an inspection. For the most part, an inspection at an event never happens and the inspection policy is not to conduct ramp checks at organized aviation events like fly-ins and the such.

There are some fly-in group organizers, however, that have actually invited the FAA to attend and to do checks on (say) the third day of the event. The event that I am thinking of had that in their program along with a date and time. I can tell you from my own observation that on the early morning of that third day (shortly after sun rise) you would notice tents were missing and you could hear the sound of gyros starting their engines and see them heading to the runway to begin their journeys home. I can also remember some gyros were now trailered and the trailers were also about to be or already were on their way out of the fly-in area.

Go to more of the story.


FAA warns light sport aircraft manufacturers of violations  


The Federal Aviation Administration has warned some manufacturers of light sport aircraft that they are violating safety standards. Most of the violations involved missing paperwork, said Dan Johnson, president of the Light Aircraft Manufacturers Association. "Missing a document doesn't mean an airplane wasn't built right. It just means you can't prove it was built a certain way," he said.

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$100 US Per-Flight Fee - Researched by Aircraft Owners & Pilot Association

Say it isn’t so.  After almost 9,000 people urged the president of the USA to take damaging aviation user fees off the table, the administration on Jan. 13, 2012 offered its response: No way.



iOS 5 Update Troubles For iPads

iPad and other Apple device users should take note of a quirk that can occur after updating the operating system to iOS 5. According to multiple application developers, the operating system could delete data, including charts and approach plates.

See also on this page an alternative to paper aeronautical charts.

More Information

Air Traffic Control Tower - Hold Short 

Have you recently been issued "hold short" instructions by a Control Tower and you acknowledged with just your "registration" number or even worse, the infamous "roger"? What happens next is the controller tries to get you to say the proper response. This is not because the controller is "having a bad day" and is hassling you. This has been leading to some interesting radio dialog and ties up valuable radio time.

All the USA Air Traffic Control Towers have been mandated to emphasize the use of proper radio phraseology concerning "hold short" instructions as stated in the Aeronautical Information Manual AIM. 


Controller Phraseology; "November One Two Three Four Five, Hold Short of Runway Three Zero Left at Kilo"
Pilot Response: "November One Two Three Four Five, Hold Short of Runway Three Zero Left at Kilo",
Pilot Response: "Gyro Plane Three Four Five, Hold Short of Runway three Zero Left at Kilo"


Controller Phraseology: "Experimental Rotorcraft 54321, hold short Runway Two Eight"

Unacceptable Responses:
"Gyro 321, holding short"
"Holding short"
"November 321, roger"

Acceptable Responses: "Experimental Rotorcraft 321, hold short Runway Two Eight"
"November 321, hold short of Two Eight"

Complacency and / or the lack of radio discipline has led to numerous runway incursions. Remember to maintain safety and professionalism by adhering to proper and precise radio communications.

Letter of Deviation Authority

Are a gyro instructor in the USA or want to be one? Check this out!  As of May, 2011, issuance of a LODA permits the LODA holder to provide flight training for compensation or hire in an experimental aircraft which the LODA holder provides.   (Leave it to a government to turn the term  "Letter of Deviation Authority" into an acronym like LODA.)

Now, one again, persons may receive, and provide compensation for, flight training in an aircraft holding an experimental certificate issued for any of the purposes specified in FAA § 21.191. Other than the person receiving flight training, the operation must not involve the carriage of persons or property for compensation or hire or be prohibited by the aircraft’s operating limitations.

That means that US Gyro Flight Instructors may once again receive compensation for providing flight training in an experimental aircraft.  It is about time!  We need our instructor base to keep the plot base to keep the fleet going.

To read the document, check it out here.  Request in WORD format: information 1 information 2

It is about time!

Small Airports Are Perfect For Gyros!

As you drive your motorcycle, car or pickup truck onto your airport, look around. Many of us fly out of small family-oriented fields. And these scenes are open for all of us to enjoy and take pleasure in the ongoing airport story.

A recent trip brings this to mind. It was a holiday weekend and the taxiways had some non-aircrafts on them. There were kids’ tricycles , bicycles and coaster wagons on the paved surfaces to look out for. I forgot to mention some loose dogs as well. Now most of this occurred on the actual hanger ramps as opposed to the main airport taxiway, but non-the-less it was nice to see families enjoying the airport together. Did I mention folks cooking on charcoal grills? I wonder if that is even legal? Now I have a smile on my face thinking of all that going on.

There was work being accomplished as well. One antique airplane was getting some paint touched up on her wings and some new lettering being applied to a gyroplane.

The winter was officially over for these airport attendees and everyone could tell that this is truly “Spring” in the air. Real sunshine is coming and the winter blasts are behind us. Flip a page on our calendar.

Small airports are different than large ones. At small airports, folks drive past and wave as they leave the airport or arrive. Many won’t just waive, but feel compelled (by courtesy) to stop and say hello. Now, on this day, they don’t need to roll down the window first since Summer is coming! If you need a hand, the guy that stopped to say hello will be happy to lend his to hold a wrench or help push the gyro into the hanger.

God bless aviation.

Aircraft Re-Registration Schedule - USA

If your gyro is registered in the USA, these dates are very very important to keeping your ship's registration

If the Certificate was issued in: The certificate expires on: The owner must apply for re-registration between these dates, - to allow delivery of a new certificate before expiration.
March of any year March 31, 2011 November 1, 2010 and January 31, 2011
April of any year June 30, 2011 February 1, 2011 and April 30, 2011
May of any year September 30, 2011 May 1, 2011 and July 31, 2011
June of any year December 31, 2011 August 1, 2011 and October 31, 2011
July of any year March 31, 2012 November 1, 2011 and January 31, 2012
August of any year June 30, 2012 February 1, 2012 and April 30, 2012
September of any year September 30, 2012 May 1, 2012 and July 31, 2012
October of any year December 31, 2012 August 1, 2012 and October 31, 2012
November of any year March 31, 2013 November 1, 2012 and January 31, 2013
December of any year June 30, 2013 February 1, 2013 and April 30, 2013
January of any year September 30, 2013 May 1, 2013 and July 31, 2013
February of any year December 31, 2013 August 1, 2013 and October 31, 2013

The first re-registration notices were sent on or shortly after October 1, 2010, for aircraft that were registered in March of any year.  These aircraft are assigned an expiration date of March 31, 2011.  The owners of these aircraft should have applied for re-registration between November 1, 2010 and January 31, 2011, their assigned timely filing window.

Look up your ship's registration date and address


iPad App as an alternative to paper aeronautical charts


In a precedent-setting move, the FAA recently approved the use of an iPad App as an alternative to paper aeronautical charts for charter airline Executive Jet Management. The approval for the Jeppesen Mobile TC App for iPad came after a three-month evaluation that involved both the FAA and members of Executive Jet Management.

More Information

Carter Personal Air Vehicle

On January 18, 2011, the Carter Personal Air Vehicle (PAV) prototype accomplished its first vertical takeoff. High-speed trials will be scheduled as soon as it wraps up the first phase of flight testing.

Combining the best attributes of an airplane, helicopter, and gyrocopter, Carter Aviation Technologies is attempting to create a vehicle that can go fast, with VTOL capabilities, and be easy to fly.


See also:  Best Gyro (in concept) at the EAA Airventure 2009

Happy New Year 2011!

You know exactly when you'll hear it, and you’ll probably assume that you won't hear it again for a year. The clock will hit 11:59, the countdown will begin . . . 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5 . . . . and the music will rise. The music lyrics will most probably be an old song of Scottish origin. It is wistful and so we have chosen it to describe friends and relationships we have made in our years of flying and talking in hangers and through emails and over Skype and across long distances.

More on That


Keep Your Ship's Fuel Free of Ethanol

If you are looking for ethanol free "mo gas" you have probably heard of the web site, which lists locations around the country to find sources.

The owner of the site has started a petition to send to EPA administrator Lisa Jackson,
who actually has the authority to make sure ethanol free premium unleaded gasoline is
available. You can sign the petition and add your comment at:

More on this subject


PRA Chapter 40 has Their Fall Meeting

It looks like they had a great time and great weather.

Check out their newsletter.      More Photos


Jim’s Ship

Jim flies a modified Bensen gyroplane. He made several modifications to improve this proven design. Among them is the four stroke EA-81 Subaru engine. Using the original two bladed prop, Jim is able to hand prop this little beast. It came out of a junkyard form a car that had about 30k miles on it and has been running smoothly ever since. Also notice a small horizontal stabilizer in the prop wash on the rudder.  Among some of the modifications is a modification of a modification, the pre-rotator. It's half Wunderlich, half Bauderlich. This wedding of two components works very well.

For more information see the Yankee Rotors' July 2010 newsletter.

Aviation icon visits San Manuel Airport, proves great mentor for young aspiring pilot
Lucinda Hughes-Juan (Special to the San Manuel Miner)

Britta helps Marion prepare for their flight

On a sunny Arizona spring day a small crowd of people gathered at the San Manuel Airport. They traveled from as far away as Colorado and California to attend a two-day event – a Gyrocopter “Fly-in.” The event was held on April 17 and 18.

Most people are not familiar with a Gyrocopter or Gyroplane. At first sight it looks like a cross between a go-cart and a mini-helicopter. It is a home built Rotorcraft with a propeller that allows it to take flight. There is a growing interest in the specialized area of Rotorcrafts among aviation enthusiasts. The low cost, built-your-own sport craft, first invented in the 1920s, has definitely taken flight in the market today.

On this extra special day, a “historical” day, the “Gyrocopter Queen,” 81-year old Marion Springer, one of the pioneers in the Rotorcraft industry, is in attendance. The first female certified flight instructor, she has been flying Gyrocopters since the late 1960s.

Marion is unique in many ways: she is not only an expert in Gyrocopters, one of the top women who hold the most hours in a pilot’s seat – she is also Native American (Choctaw Indian).
Marion waves to a crowd of onlookers at the Gryroplane fly-in
 On that sunny Arizona spring day she flew with fellow Gyro Pilot, Britta Penca, a San Manuel area resident and licensed Gyroplane pilot. Springer and Penca are among only 20 women in the world to have earned this specialized aviation license and they took flight together in a tandem aircraft, as the crowd watched in awe. The two went up for a 20-minute flight and returned safely.

Marion Springer has become a role model for many women (as women account for only seven percent of licensed pilots in America). But on that sunny Arizona spring day, a very special meeting was planned – on that day a young Tohono O’odham girl, Emma Juan, a 16-year-old who is also interested in becoming a pilot, came to meet Marion in person. Finding other Native women pilot has been a challenge. Emma was encouraged as Marion shared a motivating message with her about her own future in flying.

“She (Marion) has inspired me in many ways, as a strong woman,” said Penca, who was also inspired and touched by the older woman. “She can really hold her own in what is traditionally a man’s world of aviation.” Penca, who met Springer three years ago, said, “She welcomed me [to the Gyro world] with open arms.”


Marion and Young Emma share a private moment after lunch.

Springer began flying as a young wife and mother in the mid 1960s, after she shared with her husband, the late Alden “Docko” Springer that she had always wanted to fly. He supported her dreams and arranged flying lessons for her. She and her husband ran a flight school in these specialized aircrafts. She admits she fell in love with the Gyroplane after her husband first built one and soon had to have one of her own. 

“It is such a sense of freedom, being up in the air in one,” Marion said with true passion in her voice. “It’s very different from a fixed wing, closed in aircraft.”

She returned to flying just four years ago, after a 12 and half year retirement after the loss of her husband. She said that without her Docko, it was just too painful. Her return to the Gyro community was met with a large crowd of supporters and Gyrocopter enthusiasts, as she flew again for the first time in the 2007, at the Annual Ken Brock, Gyroplane fly-in in El Mirage.

“It was so amazing to see her return to flight,” said Penca, choking back a tear. Truly she has become an icon for many in the field.

For anyone who wants to be inspired and amazed, you can read more about Marion’s life in her autobiography, published in 2004, “Born Free - My Life in Gyrocopters”, where she shares her life experiences. She is a woman of many talents; her writing style is uplifting and entertaining.

Adventurer re-starts attempt to be first around the world by gyrocopter

Piloted by Norman Surplus,  the autogyro will cross 26 countries, flying over 27,000 miles / 43,000 kilometers, crossing deserts, mountains and oceans. Expected to take four months. Photo right shows Norman at a Buddhist Temple Thailand seeking divine intervention!


An adventure sportsman will restart his attempt to be the first to fly an gyrocopter around the globe to achieve a world record. He will depart Thailand on Sunday (1st August 2010) at 7am (local time). In the first phase of his endeavour N. Ireland pilot Norman Surplus faced extreme heat and cold, fuel shortages, exceptional high altitude and traversed forest fires, desert and wide wide sea. He has already flown 8,000 miles through Europe, the Middle East and much of Asia and he faces twice that distance through 12 countries in SE Asia, America and the perils North Atlantic autumn. With the pilot open to the elements, this endeavor combines danger, adventure and a compelling story about the pilot – entrepreneur and cancer survivor. Norman will be departing from Thailand today and he will continue to raise awareness and funding for cancer.

The next phase of the adventure is expected to take approximately 50 days and it will be crossing SE Asia, North America and the North Atlantic stopping in Malaysia, the Philippines, Japan, Taiwan, the Russian Far East, North America, Greenland, Iceland, the Faroe Islands, Scotland and home to N. Ireland. This will cover a distance of 19,000 miles approximately. Normans stop in Thailand was complicated and lengthened by bureaucratic, administrative, procedural and logistical delays all contributed to turn a 2 week technical aircraft repair into a 3 month wait.

________________  BACKGROUND  (of this story  )_________________________________

Gyro Goes Global !

Norman (in route from Ireland) flying over Nongprue, Thailand - Ian Gilks

See Norman from Northern Ireland talking to camera, doing pre-flight checks and then nearly being attacked by rapid ducks - and you thought flying across the globe was dangerous !  Please follow Norm's adventure and should he come your way it would be great to offer him assistance and a warm welcome!

Track Norman.

Check out his website.  Give him your support, especially, if he comes your way. Why not become a Facebook friend or a blog follower for daily updates?

 The Gyroplane Dilemma

Gyroplane Instructor Dofin Fritts is featured in an article on pages 52 and 53 in the February, 2010 Popular Mechanics Magazine.

Dofin Friits was also mentioned in the January, 2010 issue of

EAA Sport Aviation Magazine "Blades of Glory - The Pitcairn Autogyro"

For more on these stories

Picture your gyro with wings and two rotors

Many gyro pilots transitioned from airplane pilots. So picture your gyro with wings, two counter-rotating rotors and infinitely more complex. Picture it so much more complex that it takes three fly-by-wire computers to enable the pilot and co-pilot to fly it.  For more on the gyro to V22 comparison , including more video.

Pelican State Rotorcraft Club Has Fun

This was taken at a PRA Chapter 20 meeting in September 2009.  The location: Bastrop, Louisiana, USA. What a nice group of gyros and their pilots!  Check them out.


Best Gyro (in concept) at the EAA Airventure 2009


Carter Aviation Technologies released details on its new personal air vehicle (PAV) during a briefing Sunday night in the EAA Welcome Center. This second-generation concept aircraft looks like a standard but giant gyroplane, but it takes off and lands vertically. Four companies have apparently shown serious interest in manufacturing the aircraft: VX Aerospace, Dynamic Composites, Eagle Aviation Technologies Inc., and Liberty Aerospace Inc.

  Click on these photos on the left to zoom in.

Steve Madsin Has Finished His Hornet

Hi, I'm Steve Madsen and I have a Hornet gyro completed. It is pre-rotator and taxi tested. I am looking for an instructor that I can get some dual time with. This gyro is located in Hartford, Wisconsin, USA. There is also a recently completed RAF 2000 on the field with its owner looking for instruction as well.

Any help finding an instructor in my area would be greatly appreciated. Please email

Paul Patterson CFI - SPG

Paul is a Sport Pilot - Gyroplane Certified Flight Instructor 

He is a Vietnam-era helicopter pilot and is now enjoying his RAF, an enjoyment that he loves to share. He will train you in your gyro or in his RAF2000. 

He is located in Edmond, Oklahoma, USA.  Feel free to email him.

 John Miller died Monday on June 23, 2008

John Miller is shown in 1938 during the test flight period with Kellett KD-1 autogiro, the precursor to the helicopter. Miller died Monday on June 23, 2008 at the age of 102 years. (Photo courtesy of John Miller)

Robin Moore remembers the last words his grandfather, John Miller, said to him Sunday night. "I guess my flying days are over," recalled Moore.

If you are a Gyronation member or are part of a newsletter-contributing group, or an RAF Pilot member, read more in and view videos in the Chapters area.

Miller's loss would be felt throughout the aviation world.

From ultimate freedom to incarceration

Although this article is not about a gyro flight and although it didn't turn out the way any pilot would like it to.  This is a testimony to the reality of what can happen giving rides in the USA.  Stearman pilots enjoy making similar flights to what gyro pilots enjoy.  In the USA, as in many countries, there are legal issues not often considered.  This pilot faced an international pattern of criminalizing aviation accidents.  Read more if your stomach can handle it.

SparrowHawk Operation Looking for Buyer

Want a SparrowHawk? Buy the whole factory, if you want.

Groen Brothers has announced it hopes to sell its SparrowHawk kit-built gyroplane program to a third party buyer, saying the civilian aircraft doesn't fit with its business model.  Learn More.

USA FAA Proposes 22 Changes to Sport Pilot Rule

In the almost four years since the sport pilot rule was implemented, the pilot community and the FAA have gained a lot of practical experience. Now the FAA has used that experience to develop 22 proposed changes to the rule that would affect aircraft, pilots, and procedures.

Some of the proposed changes, which were published April 15, 2008 already are drawing pilot comment. Among them is the plan to alter altitude limitations—now set at a maximum of 10,000 feet msl—to include an agl limitation. This would increase the operating window for pilots who live in mountainous terrain. Another change to the rule would allow the use of light sport aircraft (LSAs) in Part 141 flight training programs.

Other changes would replace proficiency checks currently done by flight instructors with checks done by pilot examiners, retroactively require sport pilots to receive one hour of flight training on the control and maneuvering of an airplane solely by reference to instruments, and replace category and class logbook endorsements with ratings on the pilot’s certificate, eliminating the need for pilots to carry their logbooks when they fly.

The FAA is allowing 120 days to file comments, and AOPA is carefully reviewing the proposed changes and their possible effects on members. You can review the full notice of proposed rulemaking online.

Shasta Valley Gyroplanes Over Northern California

The above photos were taken in May, 2008 at my hanger of myself and my flying partner Hans Peters with our respective gyrocopters. We chased each other around Shasta Valley, the weather was perfect! Mt. Shasta is in the background, it's elevation is 14,132 feet . Hope you like the photos. I am in the yellow shirt. Take Care, Ed Medlin


These two fellows are Mike Johnson on the left (owner) and Jerry Stresser at our airport in Shasta Valley in Northern California next to the Oregon border.

There are several gyros on the field, which is a great place to be based out of.  I fly a Sport Copter which is pictured on another page of this website. Ed Medlin

Auto Gyro Trip from Blackbush to Popham in RAF 2000 for a Fly-In Event

Based at Blackbushe airport in Hampshire, England, I fly the RAF2000 as much as the lousy weather over here allows. Martyn Love
Click here for more photos of his ship.

News 8 TV Article

(Look closely, there is a motorcycle license on that gyro.)

How much time did you spend stuck in traffic on your way home from work tonight? There may be a solution. Flying and driving to work as a combination. A North Texas, USA has patented a flying motorcycle. Bridgeport Wise County has a whole new way to think of a motorcycle. 

From a small aeronautics lab, comes a transportation break through, the sky cycle. The top half is a gyroplane; the bottom half is a three-wheeled motorcycle. It's able to leap stacked traffic in a single bound. Larry call this a fly/drive vehicle. The un-powered rotor creates enough lift for it to fly.  The propeller on the back pushes it through the air.

The rotor folds up and the vehicle becomes a motorcycle. The company is called Butterfly, LLC.

See video



I've got Two Pitbull Gyroplanes!

Photos by Jon Hayden of Clint Martindale's Pitbull

About the Pitbull from Rotorwerks



Minimum Speed 22 mph


Cruise Speed 65 mph


Top Speed 80 mph


Empty Weight 260 lbs.


Useful Load 240 lbs.


Gross Weight 500 lbs


Click on the photos to zoom in

The Aircraft above belongs to Clint Martindale (Old Red), Jon is his brother-in-law and took the pictures for us. Actually Old Red has Two Pitbull's, one in pieces and this one in which he had the engine cowling off at the time the pictures were taken. This Pitbull has been flown only about 1 hour. Clint was starting to put some improvements on it, including Electric Start, Electric Pre-rotator and Hydraulic Individual brakes. The cowling was off so he could mount the brake pedals behind the firewall.

Besides this Pitbull, Clint has a Fisher 404 biplane and another Pitbull Gyroplane (the one taken apart and not in these pictures). He also works on other people's aircraft from time to time. Fun stuff!

RAF Closes Its Doors in Canada & Operation Moved to South Africa

An Aviation icon, Rotary Air Force Marketing, Inc. (RAF) has withdrawn form the sport gyroplane marketplace. Their announcement has come as a shock to many of us.  The company has produced over 700 kits during the last 20 years and was viewed as a positive and driving force in an industry where few survive and fewer still produce enclosed-cabin, high-performance machines. 

Over the years, they have strived to encourage gyro pilots, a fringe group of aviation aficionados' to be sure, to work towards safety and operate within the regulations of the aviation community.  They provided training and guidance to the aviation community around the globe.  They tested many engine types and finally settled on the Subaru engines, with modifications and tweaks, as the power plant of choice. That engine has become a choice for many homebuilt aircraft in the experimental category.

View the closing announcement from RAF.

RAF Pilots, not associated with RAF Marketing, has indicated that they will remain online as a support vehicle for all RAF pilot members.  Expect them to continue providing their internet-based service.

The RAF is available through Rotary Air Force South Africa - " A 2 place gyro plane". The company has a distribution network in both South Africa and Canada.

Rua Juan de la Cierva - One of Many Streets in His Honor

Juan de La Cierva is immortalized!

The GPS reading at the location where I am standing is S 22 32.383 and W 049 11.611. Somebody, among the local politicians, is (or was) a fan of gyros Click on the pictures to zoom in

Roberto Zancaner and his gyro at his farm in Bauru - SP, Brazil.

Best regards, safe enjoyable flights,

Roberto Zancaner

First LSA Repairman Inspection Gyroplane Course Completed!

By Martin Weaver

Paul Patterson, center in picture, has had a great October. Paul successfully added sport pilot gyroplane privileges to his private pilot certificate on October 7th in his RAF-2000 by completing a proficiency check. On October 22nd, Paul received the first Repairman (LSA) Inspection certificate issued by the FAA from Inspector Edsel Ford, on right, from the Light Sport Aviation Branch. Paul completed FUN AIR, LLC’s repairman inspection course for gyroplanes after 16 hours of academic training and practical exercises. Upon receiving his repairman certificate Paul will now be able to conduct annual condition inspections on his ELSA RAF-2000. Martin Weaver, left and Kelly Teague, not pictured, are the instructors for the FAA accepted repairman course. This is the first course conducted since the advent of the national LSA program.

Gyro Nation Website Is A Hit!

Over 800 individuals visit the Gyro Nation website each month.  And they return to the website, on average, over 3 times each month.  That is great! 

One point of note is that we continue to update our server software and equipment. Our response and up time is great as the result of staying up to date. This sample was taken as of the end of June by a third party that does periodic testing without any notice to us until after the monitoring has completed.

The numbers below were taken from our server statistical reports the last night of each month.   An incredible number of pages (over 5,000) are accessed or clicked to each month.  It really isn't so surprising when you realize that GYROS RULE! We currently have readers in over 70 countries.

If you are visiting the site and like it, you are encouraged to let our webmaster know.

Visit statistics as of the last night of each month at 24:00  CDT
Month First Visit
Unique visitors
Number of visits Pages
Aug 2006 177 220 860
Sep 2006 201 251 2256
Oct 2006 328 424 1741
Dec 2006 257 881 2466
Jan 2007 291 922 2415
Feb 2007 300 779 2450
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